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Monday, December 23, 2019

How to Qualify for Different Job Offers in the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP)

Are you interested in being part of the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program? As an aspiring OINP benefactor, you stand a chance to qualify for the following job offers:

1. French-Speaking Skilled Worker Stream, Human Capital Priorities Stream, Skilled Trades Stream

These three programs are closely related because they only authorize OINP to reach out to you only if you are qualified. Do not rush into submitting your applying directly through OINP. Wait for OINP to declare its interest on your case through their online portal, instead. Remember to apply for the provincial nomination application using your supporting documents within the specified timeframe, plus a non-refundable fee of $1,500.

2. Employer Job Offer streams

If you are interested in any of the three job offer streams under this program, be prepared to work fulltime. This means you will work for a minimum of 30 hours per week and a guaranteed permanent position from your previous employer.
To qualify for this program, your discipline and performance from your previous workplace will be assessed. As expected, OINP will also gauge your former employer’s performance. This only applies to employers who support immigration initiatives of this type.

3. Ph.D. Graduate Streams

To qualify for an OINP’s Ph.D. Graduate Stream offer, you need to fulfill all the requirements about that specific level of study. You must also prove that you have been an Ontarian resident for at least one year before applying. Do so in the past two years before you apply.
The organizers also need to be sure that your settlement funds can sustain your family size. Even better, you must be willing to live and work in Ontario, and to maintain legal status in you are already in the country.

4. Masters Graduate Stream

You can qualify to join the Masters Graduate Stream after fulfilling the requirements from a reputable Ontarian university. Your proficiency in written and spoken French and English will be tested. Scoring a Canadian Language Benchmark level 7, the better for you. You need to prove at least one year of residence before applying.
Like Ph.D., the OINP’s master’s program requires you to have the ideal settlement funds to sustain your stay. Be ready to live and work in Ontario once your request has been approved.

5. Entrepreneur Stream

Opening and running a business in Ontario has never been easier, thanks to OINP’s entrepreneur stream. To join this team, you need to present a business proposal with hopes of winning. Those who are interested in setting up businesses in the Greater Toronto area need to invest not less than US$600,000, or an equivalent of 200,000 Canadian Dollars.
If you want to specialize in the information and communications technology or digital communications sector, you can invest a net worth of not less than 800,000 Canadian Dollars. Alternatively, you can part with 400,000 Canadian Dollars if your area of interest in the Greater Toronto Area.

Now that you want to start a business in Ontario, proof of residence is mandatory. Your skills should create at least two 24/7 permanent jobs for Canadian citizens, in or out of the Greater Toronto Area. Proving your 24 months’ worth of your 24/7 business as a competent entrepreneur is an added advantage. Remember, businesses in Canada are worth buying, but you need to conduct a proper feasibility study within one year after applying.