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Saturday, June 2, 2018

Frequently asked questions about PNP(Provincial Nominee Program)

Know everything about Provincial Nominee Programs, Canadian Immigration, benefits of PNPs, express entry selection, permanent resident status and Base nomination programs here…

What are Provincial Nominee Programs?

Provincial Nominee Programs are the initiative of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). These programs are introduced with the purpose of selecting immigrants for the provinces and territories of Canada. However the immigrants must be willing to settle in any province or territory and should be capable to contribute to its economy.

Is Quebec a part of Provincial Nominee Program?

Quebec has its own guidelines and criteria for selection of immigrants. There is a separate agreement between Quebec and the Canadian Government. So Quebec is free to select those individuals who are willing to settle in the province. Quebec has the power to decide on immigrants outside Provincial Nominee Program.

Is Provincial Nomination a must for Canadian Immigration?

No. You can obtain immigration visa for Canada without Provincial Nomination. But it is a lengthy process and getting permanent residence is a rare possibility.

What are the benefits of receiving a Provincial Nomination? 

Opt for Provincial Nomination Programs if you want to process your application quickly to migrate to Canada. The waiting time is minimal and you could get permanent resident status faster than anticipated. These programs also have relaxed eligibility criteria. This also gives a chance to those applicants who were not able to qualify under the federal program. 

Where should I file an application under the Provincial Nominee Program? 

If you find you are eligible, you can submit your application through the PNP to the Government office of the Province. Once you receive an invitation, you may apply for Canadian Immigration. 

How do Provincial Nominee Programs work with Express entry Immigration selection system? 

The purpose of Express Entry system is to improve the application process of immigrations to Canada. 

Express entry Immigration provides for nominating a definite number of candidates by the Provinces /territories in Canada. This is required to fulfill the labor market needs of the provinces. Nominations by this method are called “enhanced nominations “. 

Candidates who receive an enhanced nomination through the Express entry, will get 600 points under the CRS. When these points are added to the skills transferability and human capital points, the candidate has a better chance of getting an invite to apply. Candidates selected from the express entry pool draw will receive the ITAs for permanent resident status in Canada. 

All the candidates are required to satisfy the criteria for eligibility of one of the following federal immigration programs. 
  • Canadian Experience Class (CNC) 
  • Federal skilled Trades (FST) 
  • Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) 
If you are nominated by a province or territory under the express entry, you will have it on the nomination certificate. 

Does getting a provincial nomination sufficient to obtain Canadian Immigration Visa? 

It is required to satisfy Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada – IRCC with respect to the legal requirements of the nominee – security, genuineness of documents and health. 

What is the criterion of Provincial Nominee Program? 

Provinces generally nominate those individuals who have the ability to work towards the development of the province economically. The individuals must also be interested to settle there. 

Candidates have to meet certain requirements to obtain nominations such as: 

Experience of work in significant industries of the province 

Should become accustomed to the life of the province 

Should know English and French 

Close relations residing in the province 

Must have a Job offer 


What is a “base” Provincial Nomination? 

Canadian provinces and territories also have the authority to award nominations to immigrants through their regular nominee program, also called the “base” nominee program. Candidates who have failed to qualify for the express entry still have a chance under the base Provincial Nomination Program. However, they have to meet the criteria for the PNP. 
Base Provincial Nominations are a golden opportunity for candidates who could not get through the express entry for migrating to Canada. 
Obtaining base nomination and Permanent Resident status is a two step procedure. 

* Apply once you fulfill the requirements for a PNP stream and obtain a certificate of nomination. 

* Apply for permanent resident visa with the federal government.