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Saturday, June 2, 2018

Canada Will Welcome Nearly 1 Million New Residents over next 3 years

A new immigration strategy has been introduced by the Liberal party today that will mean 1 million new residents will call Canada their home by 2020.

Calling this strategy "the most ambitious immigration levels in recent history," the Liberal party announced yesterday that new immigration targets will increase from 300,000 immigrants in 2017 to 340,000 by 2020, totalling to nearly 1 million immigrants in three years.

It is anticipated that the large groups of immigrants coming to Canada for permanent residency will include economic migrants, refugees and family members.

Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen has stated that the influx of immigrants in the coming years will help offset Canada's aging population and that this "historic" immigration plan is the most "ambitious" in recent Canadian history.

One of the major tenants upheld by the Liberal party is that immigration inevitably benefits Canada and its citizens, driving innovation and strengthening the economy. And as Hussen stated, Canada's population is aging, with nearly 5 million Canadians retiring by 2035.

For Hussen, this mass retirement of 1/6th of Canada's populationpresents a huge issue that immigration can help resolve.

But critics to the plan, like Conservative immigration critic Michelle Rempel, think that Canada first needs to do a better job of integrating its existing immigrants before proposing a plan as historic as this.

Of this new strategy, Rempel said, "It is not enough for this government to table the number of people that they are bringing to this country. Frankly the Liberals need to stop using numbers of refugees, amount of money spent, feel-good tweets and photo ops for metrics of success in Canada's immigration system."

Others, such as The Canadian Council of Refugees, welcomed the news but were critical of what they feel is only a slight increase from Canada's existing immigration targets, noting that the share of the immigration policy reserved for immigrants increased by only 13 percent.

Source: CBC