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Saturday, June 2, 2018

4 Quick & Easy Steps to Immigration to Canada

Thank you for your interest in ItsCanadaTime, the most experienced professional, Canadian immigration service on the internet! We are happy to see you have made the decision to begin your plans to move to Canada.

It would be our honor to guide you through the most simple and efficient way to land softly in Canada by using our 4 step process. As long as you stick to our straightforward plan listed below, you will be in Canada before you can say “pass the hockey puck, you hoser!”

First Step: Online Registration

Congratulations, you’ve come to the right place. It just so happens that for the first step you are given the keys to the most advanced immigration technology on the internet today. We hold the key to open your immigration case and hand it to you immediately upon registering online. Once you finish reading this article, you will click on the button “Click Here to Start.” Once you fill out your credit card information, press “send payment.”
Following your payment being accepted, you will automatically be logged in to the Online Immigration System. A thank you email with your username and password will also be sent to you in the same moment.

If you need to login in the future, a client login button is located at the top right corner of the ItsCanadaTime website. See the image below.

So what can you do with this key you were just given? Good question! You will open the gate to your Immigration Kingdom! The Online Immigration System will be your one stop shop for all your immigration needs and concerns. Whether you’re in the comfort of your own home or on the go, you will be able to follow your immigration progress from A-Z.

The Online Immigration System will offer you:
  • Live notifications from your personal Immigration Expert informing you on your current status, approved documents and tasks to be completed.
  • A user-friendly platform to upload your documents.
  • Live online chat sessions with your Immigration Expert.
  • 24/7, live, online technical support from our team of Immigration Experts
  • The most recent articles relating to changes in Canadian immigration policy, and the newest blog entries from our Personal Editorial Office.

And much more!

Through our expertise and experience working with the Canadian government requirements and sending thousands upon thousands of clients to Canada, ItsCanadaTime has created the best system for you to receive your Canadian Visa. Through using our Online Immigration System mistakes or errors are immediately taken out of the equation, and your chances of receiving Canadian citizenship immediately increase. Plus, you can rest assured that our Immigration Experts will be monitoring and approving your documents every step of the way.

When you become registered in our Online Immigration System you can sleep easy knowing that taking the first step with ItsCanadaTime has given you the advantage over other candidates.

Opening a Personal Web Registration Account is accomplished only after you have paid the registration fee, which is now at a low rate of 599 Euros for a limited time only.

Second Step: Building Your Immigration Profile

After you have completed the first step we will encourage you to get familiar with the Online Immigration System, personally tailored just for you! Try it on! See how it feels. Are you comfortable? Great! But don’t get too lost in the rabbit hole because the faster you complete step two (Building Your Immigration Profile), the more you decrease your waiting time for a Canadian Visa.

When you are logged into your Online Immigration System you will see in the top menu section, the tab “My Immigration Profile.” Click on this tab and you will be able to begin completing your immigration profile. This step consists of 6 sections: Personal Information, Education, Work Experience, Language Ability, Adaptability, and Documents Section.

Chances are if you’ve gotten this far in reading this blog post, then you are the type of person who has all his/her documents in order. If not, this is your chance! Go to that shoe box of papers you’ve stashed in your closet and let’s get rolling. Documents such as bank statements, proof of address, and even work recommendations are needed in this step. Lucky for you, every time a file is uploaded during this process an Immigration Expert will be confirming and approving everything. We will also be updating you and notifying you through the notification window at the top right of your screen if anything was received, approved, not approved, or in need of completion.

Once you have completed all 6 stages and you have submitted your Immigration Profile then give yourself a pat on the back! The hardest part is over. You see? Easy as a slice of maple pie. At this point, you are advancing nicely in your immigration process. Are you feeling anxious? Do you have any concerns? If so, we have the remedy. The next step will wipe all your worries away. We promise!

Third Step: Document Verification Services (DVS)

In the third step, an Immigration Expert will prepare your documents and verify them to meet the requirements of the Canadian Government. We will supply you with a choice of parcels that all have a very specific purpose. Please take a moment to be familiar with the different choices of parcels and decide which parcel will be the perfect choice for you or your family.

Starter Parcel – 

If you have no concerns at all, finalized all the details, and have a clear plan for when you move to Canada – this is the perfect parcel for you!

The Starter Parcel Provides you with a full verification of all the required documents according to the Canadian Government’s regulations, and completion of missing documents with the help of our experts.

Pricing: €2800 (A one-time fee)

Classic Parcel – 

Are you worried about your English skill? Are you looking for some job tips when it comes to applying for a job in Canada? This parcel will help put you right where you need to be!

In addition to the full verification of documents, this parcel also includes a full online preparation guide to the IELTS exam in all four models (Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking). As well as editing your resume and cover letter according to the Canadian employers’ standards.

Pricing: €3500 (A one-time fee)

Premium Parcel –

Is finding a job before you land in Canada your number one priority? With this parcel, we guarantee our clients will have a job in Canada before they step foot in the country!

This parcel includes all of the services that are mentioned above. In addition, this parcel includes editing of two resumes and guidance from the editor via phone conversation, receiving tips on writing a resume and perfecting the client’s job interview skills. This parcel also includes an extensive career search where we help the client find a job upon arriving in Canada.

Pricing: €4500 (A one-time fee)

Full Coverage Parcel –

In this parcel all of your needs will be met from A-Z. You will not need to lift a single finger during the immigration process. Whether it’s finding a school for your little ones, choosing the perfect neighborhood for your family, or helping you apply to your dream university – we’ve got you covered!

These members will enjoy a full coverage of all three previous parcels (Starter, Classic and premium).
In addition, they will receive:
  • Bi-Weekly online meetings with the immigration expert in charge of their process, every week until your application is ready for submission.This includes: Checking your application status, frequent updates and any additional support you might need along the way.
  • The Document Verification process will become the expert’s top priority and the process will be speed up to 30% until completion.
  • Second evaluation by the Legal Department, signed by our experts, ensuring everything is 100% ready to go.

Also, as a full coverage member you will enjoy:
  • Recommendation of accommodation for your family and yourself with the workplace being near your new house, as well as and finding the best areas which will fit your and your family’s needs.
  • An extension of the Intensive Career Search service – adding one extra career search for your spouse. Your spouse will be guided through obtaining a permanent work in Canada via interview skill tutorials (specifically aimed at the Canadian job market) that will help them excel at finding a job that will suit and satisfy your family!
  • Having your IELTS registrations done for you when and where it is most convenient for you, INCLUDING the online preparation for it.
  • The full guidance on how to obtain your ECA report (needed for the education part in your application).

Pricing: Price varies (according to requirements)

4th and Final Step: Submission

Welcome to the final step! By now, our immigration experts have deemed your documentation to be valid and in order. The legal team will prepare your case in its entirety and will submit your visa request to the Canadian Immigration Authority. This means you are on your way to moving to Canada and one step closer to receiving a PR Visa.

You’re so close you can taste the maple syrup!

So let’s summarize a few important things:
1) The entire immigration process will take between 6-12 months. Trust me that time will fly by!
2) The entire immigration process including all the services and fees are between 4000-6000 €.
3) We will be here for you for the entire process, Step by step, until you, your family, your partner, your dog AND your cat (if you are a cat person) are safely here in CANADA.